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Album Cover Hall of Fame News Update and Link Summary for May, 2022

posted May 1, 2022 by Mike Goldstein,

Just posted for your May Day beginning of Summer to some and International Worker’s Day to others reading pleasure – here’s a summary of all the news I’ve found this past month or so about album cover artists, their work and related activities. There are many new and updated stories about museum and gallery exhibitions (both just launched and ongoing), award show results, prints and other works of art and books for sale (inc. two unique multimedia items you have to see to believe), auctions, interviews, podcasts, etc., and as always, I think that you’ll find much to peak your interest on a wide range of entertaining topics.

Whether honoring the contributions of working people of all types or simply trying to get into the mood for a Summer getaway, I hope that you’ll all take a moment, pick up (or put down your mobile devices) and click on over to the ACHOF to view the latest summary -

You’ll be glad you did!

Enjoy the read, and please feel free to share this with your friends and other fans of the art of the album cover (and news about the people that make it). Stay well, stay safe, get happy and let’s stay in touch.