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ACHOF’s Wide-Ranging Interview with Prof. Kenneth FitzGerald, author of the book Process Music: songs, stories, and studies of graphic culture

Author Kenneth FitzGerald’s latest book – one that looks at the motivations behind the works of graphic designers, with a focus on the connection between design/art and music – hit the shelves in early Summer 2023/ and, based on the many chapters I’ve read, it is a truly scholarly review. Process Music: songs, stories, and studies of graphic culture (published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven, NL) is based primarily on a collection of articles, presentations, critiques and texts from lectures that Mr. FitzGerald – a Professor at Old Dominion university as well as an artist, designer and curator – has presented in publications including Emigre, Eye, Idea, Modes of Criticism and Print and in forums such as the Design Observer, Voice: AIGA Journal of Graphic Design and Speak Up over the past decade or so. As you might figure – for I am known to be a bit curious – I contacted Kenneth to learn more about this new book after reporting about it in my July 2023 newsletter and went on to purchase one as I was eager to read more and get a better understanding of his take on the world of graphic design from his most-unusual vantage point.

Read the full interview on the ACHOF site, published on August 22, 2023 -