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Fabulous read Ernie. Some great insights into these album covers that I have chearished over the years. Your the man
Ernie for Mayor, haha... my best to you always tom m.


yeah! another awesome installment. real cool info on one of my favorite illustrators. the works he did early in this part of his career are amazing, especially considering how young he was. great stuff, Ernie!

all my best


Aunt Carmela

Hi Ernie,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful documentary of your life and

This documentary shows the excitement and love, you have for your art and
the people
you have worked with. I don't see you retiring anytime soon.

You and Bonnie have a Happy Thanksgiving.

God Bless,


Aunt Carmela


Man the hits just keep on coming. I am the biggest Pacific Eye & Ear fan ever and along with all the others I want to say ... Thank you Ernie. - Neo


Good Times Ernie. Having known you and your lovely wife Bonnie for some years, I get to witness that love of both.

pediatric ENT

Wow, they're so vintage, I want to have all of them! I like Pacific Eye & Ear too.

Luke Hamilton

Ernie Cefalu

Hello, and how is everyone doing on this awesome Friday night? I wanted to give you an advanced heads up, I will be on the radio this coming Monday night, March 19th at 8:00 pm EST. I will be interview for a couple of hours on the UNIR1 Network.
It's a hot music cyber on-line station and I will be talking with Senior Program director and DJ Ted Vanboort. We will be looking at and discussing album cover design as well as a lot about Alice and the 12 covers that i have done for him over the last 40 years. We will also be talking about some of the other 213 covers and over 500 logos and corporate identities that I have created to date.

I will also be talking about some of the other unique clients that retain me, taking calls from listeners and listening to some great music. So if you have a Alice question that's been driving you crazy and I might be able to answer it... I will. Maybe we've been friends on-line or facebook and you just want to listen in and say Hi... nows your chance!

I hope that you will join us, and I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you and have a great weekend. - Ernie

P.S. I have attached a link to an announcement about it all, so check it out and I see you on the radio:

UNIR1 Network News: There Is More To An Album Cover Than Just The Artist

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