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canvas pictures

Great article

Ernie Cefalu

Hey Bob great story I really enjoyed it. Glad to hear your well and still making "magic!" You were always a class act. Best - Ernie Cefalu

Custom Logo Design

yup that's really great article that is shared here.

I'm a huge believer of the importance of design. I'm not so sure about design + marketing >> engineering. Design should incorporate engineering, not be opposed to it or somehow differentiated from it. It's important to remember that these are processes, not discrete elements

a greater loss but has had the rock, lyrics miss his talent and infected us with a rage of others, wish you were his art and his talent here with us the man was alone on their own ..


in my opinion one of the best interpreters and singers, soloists, composers active at the time, his best time is past but much of the still, I hope and do not show their talent and bring it to market something new or unpublished.
David P. Coleman
2983 Brown Avenue
Greenville, SC 29 607

Impressive how we all remember the covers, the albums, the musicians, but no the man which work we see first, the artist that make the cover, great work

Well, I think that you have the greatest work ever, man. It's not just that you have to work with so much art, but you also have the chance -I guess- to meet great musical artists.

Linda Johnson


You say nothing about the Crowley image. I thought that perhaps it had been "cropped in" (I can't remember the pre-Photoshop term), but later I saw the pictures of the Doors standing around waiting to make that photo, with the little Crowley in the background (if that wasn't cropped-in). But the Doors Interactive History site said that the Doors fought the release of 13 (even though it was just a collection of hits and album cuts), however, now it does not seem to say that! That seems to have be purged from the site.

I am not trying to make trouble for Jim or the Doors or you or any of Jim's friends or business associates. I am just concerned about his fans. Jim led me away from God, into rebellion against God, or I should say, in his rebellion, he was willing to lead me away, but he did not actually go as far as satan worship, and I know that you know that he had acquaintances who did. I just wanted to tell his fans, who are drawn to his personality, that this Jim is not even the real Jim. They are drawn to an interesting person, in a time when individuality has been discouraged for their entire lifespan, replaced with a "dominant counterculture" that is anything but grassroots or heart-felt, and they are such sitting ducks for one of their favorite people to lead them into further spiritual deception. I do not expect this to be published, and that's OK, but I just thought I would explain where I was coming from. I love Jim, I am very grateful that he is still alive, but it makes me sick to see kids encouraged to get into Crowley and satanism, using Jim's example.

Dwight Loflin

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