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Joe Petagno

Ernie is TOP notch I worked with him on numerous projects during the early the Pacific Eye and Ear days.


ernie what can i say very overwhelming and
informative....very interesting how the buildup in craigs office the interest he portrayed for your work and made me feel this guy was going to give you at the very least a partnership of some kind and instead only a $200 payment for turned out for the most famous logo in the world today which i believe this achievement has not been broken....well anyway incredible job and good luck to you in your future endeavors! ya!



Very Interesting article, Ernie Rocks nonetheless, one of the best I've ever met, looking forward to Part 3 of the interview.

Carmela Reda


Thank you for sharing, the most incredilble biography and accomplishments,
that you have achieved.

When I started reading (part 1) the article kept my interest into (part 2).

I was amazed at the Introduction, that gets your interest and done so professional.

You need to have a book written, when (part 3) is added. You should be invited to organizations, schools, colleges and workshops to share your

I know you will have several newspapers, magazines, etc. want to interview

I have shared this email, with my family.

God Bless,


Aunt Carmela


Great article Ernie, you really made all of the people come alive visually for me. I almost felt like I was there with you, talking with Bonnie, waiting for an outcome.

To the people that don't know you, you are such a great talent, for those of us that have been lucky enough to know you, you are even a better person.

Congratulations on all that is happening for you.


el coro

absolutely incredible story. i agree that you need to have a book written, Ernie.

you've had too interesting of a life not to. your contributions to the field of design and illustration should be required reading for those who partake in it.

i literally cant wait for part 3!

all my best to you!


John Ciacci

This is a real good article, I'll have to pass it onto my Rock and Roll friends in the Euro States! They won't beleive it!

Seth Anderson

Wow...this is an amazing story!!!!!

What a great article and its funny how in most cases the TRUE creator of artwork is rarely recognized!


human, intriguing, funny. Who will play Ernie?

Dr. Money

Ernie You Rock

Truth be told you should earn a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the Artist that imprinted images of lyrical genius in the subconscious of man that is "seen" not "heard" through every step of the human journey...


Dr. Money


I was completely intrigued by Ernie's first story on the creating of the Jesus Christ Superstar Album, and absolutely blown away with this Part 2 Rolling Stones logo story. What I am wondering now is how he will ever top these two with a Part 3!! I can't wait to read it. Keep On Rocking... Ernie - Neo

Maria Damato

Informative, inspiring, ironic and, of course, filled with honest humor -- all right enough of the adjectives and compliments -- but they are all true.

I will add that the public needs a good dose of what goes on behind the scenes and to be made aware of the struggles of artists at all levels.

You accomplished that and very well and, at the same time, your stories are entertaining.

Here's to you, a great artist and a gentle soul. I am looking forward to the next article.

M. D'Amato

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