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What a great article. I learned so much about how this was created and about the person Ernie who made it happen.

Carmela Reda

Hi Ernie,

Thank you for sharing, the most beautiful written autobiography, of
your accomplishments. The article is done in great taste, with color and documentation that catches your attention.

You have done such great works and won so many awards. I am so proud of you and what you have contributed with your talent.

Your parents would be very proud of you and I know they are with
you, as you continue your works.

God Bless,
Aunt Carmela

Kay Foster

The Jesus Christ Superstar story was really interesting and kept me wanting to read on. I am a huge fan of the opera and have also seen it performed in other countries. Ernie's story is great and I can hardly wait to read the next installment. Kay

Francine G

What a great story - I've worked in the ad business, and I can feel both your pain and the joy of a job well done.
Thanks for sharing

Howard & Audrey Benner

Just finshed reading the Jesus Christ Superstar story and the bio of Ernie Cefalu. Very well written and so very interesting; Had to read it a second time to make sure I didn't miss anything the first time. So talented and so well credentialed. First and continued impression was and is "WOW!!"


What a killer story! I felt like I was there with you! I am looking forward to the next 208 of 'em coming soon!

Mary Zea

Editor- You have whet my appetite; I'm dying for more. Your story on Ernie Cefalu and album cover art has hit close to my heart. So sorry I didn't persue an art major, after all! Mr. Cefalu's talent as an artist is a no-brainer. Just take a look at his website. But for him to take his artistic talents and put such a colorful spin on it through your interview demonstrates what a gifted individual Ernie Cefalu truly is.

His story is delicious! I'm salivating for more.


Your stories on paper are almost as good as hearing you tell them in person. Your personality and talent jump off the page. I realize even more how lucky I am to have you onboard any project. Can't wait to read the next one! Denise


What an amazing tale of modern art history! Very inspiring and exciting in a David vs Goliath sort of way. I'd love to see a TV version of this era, like a
Madmen meets Haight Ashbury. Tell me more stories like this Mr Ernie, I love em!

ron lewis

hey your shirt! sounds like home boy makes it big...memories and keepsakes of having been in on some of the biggest moments of musical history of the art...having been around partying with some of the most talented musicians of the world...what was it like having created the most famous musical icon the"tongue" still today you see it everywhere or having designed the "angels" on the jesus superstar album...being the creator of just these 2 pieces...must be awesome!
i loved the article..very perfessional done...wish i could write like that....can not wait to hear more of your stories from that era...went to visit your website of all your original work.....very beautiful and professionally done!...well just want to wish you well and keep it have the heart and love in your work...and it shows!



What a great story! To think that I have in my possesion some of the albums mentioned in the article mskes me sppreciate them even more!

I actually have the "Big Bambu" in an album frame hanging over my computer, and yes, it is still complete! :o)

I look forward to part 2 of your story.

Aaron Powers

Hey Ern, always a pleasure indulging in your past. Too bad I'm too young to have experienced the cutting edge and history making music of that time - but at least I can live vicariously though you! Keep the memories alive and keep em comin!


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