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Was there insight as to using the postcards as a lottery for the 1972 tour?

Mike G

Hello and thanks for the comment - not 100% sure exactly what you mean - were these images used in a ticket lottery in 1972? Let me know - thanks - Mike G


In my opinion the number one band on the planet, its music, its history, its deployment scenario, the quality of its performances, this good blog.
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The Stones have no match. There's no band that could ever get to the heals of the Stones, they made a musical revolution that withstands time and frontiers.

I didn't know that John Pasche was the author of that logo. That guy must be on his couch watching TV all day! Such a million dollars idea of his.

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His recent posters and graphics for the Cream Reunions in New York and London have been fan and collector favorites, and who but JVH could have so appropriately designed Led Zeppelin’s recent Mothership package?

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