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i think tim hedng needs more recognition then what he is givivg. everybody forgets the people that help make the music complete. especially people that that un grteful gregg allman. its people like gregg forget the musician who helped make him who he is. i would go see tim heding play befre that ungrateful gregg allman. hell tim's better then gregg allman anyday. gregg shoulg'nt forget the people who helped get him where he is. grow up gregg and show appreciation to the people who brought you back. if your doing so good gregg then get these guys there gold and platinum records they deserve. back in the middle and late 80's tim heding and the rest of the band brought you back. now its time to pay them your dues.

Jerry - thanks for your post. I am a little curious though - did you mean to post this on another Cover Story (i.e., the one about the Allman Brothers)?
Just curious - thanks again
Mike G

W.A Williams did a stunning cover for this classic album, a real tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

I feel so guilty for never having the chance to listen to this guy. I know he is history on rock music and all... well, that is why I feel like a jerk for never giving me the chance to listen his music.

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