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Geeky older brothers into metal can go one of two ways. Some turn into passive aggressive loners who hate their mums. Others school their siblings about Sepultura, form rock bands and upload their bedroom shows on to YouTube. Emilio from Argentina is one of the latter. We spoke to him and his little bro Martin (the one with the Pikachu on his mic stand) about their band The Steel Gauchos...

a greater loss but has had the rock, lyrics miss his talent and infected us with a rage of others, wish you were his art and his talent here with us the man was alone on their own ..

In a summer of love 1970 he formed his first band in the long term, the Blackbirds, with Stevie and Kim Davis on guitars, Christian dePlicque on vocals, Roddy Colonna & John Huff on drums, Noel Deis on keyboards and David Frame on bass. At the end of 1971 left high school and moved to Austin with his band, establishing his base at a club called "Country Club Hills."

guanacaste costa rica

Hey ... I had to stop at this site to say that this incredibly informed about one of the sweetest instruments and subtlety of the music as the guitar, just amazing, thanks for improving my life with this information, because as they say around ... . never stop learning to play guitar.

Roddy Colonna

The club was Rolling Hills and I started the band with Charles De'Plique,David Frame,and Stevie.

Roddy Colonna

Mike G

Roddy - thanks so much for the clarification - so nice to hear it "straight from the horses mouth". Hope that you enjoyed the article - if you have any other comments, please feel free to add them!
Cheers - Mike G - author

Damon Seale

Roddy - Was Rolling Hills out on Bee Caves? Alex Napier's place, right?

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