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I wonder why "the who" chooses that insipid cover for this outrageous album.

Mike G

I wonder why you've chosen to try and sell your products on this blog. If you have a comment on the story, I always appreciate it, but have you nothing better to do than spam my site?

How come there aren't any more bands that make the up to the challenge and go on to write a rock opera... a great band can be measured by the quality of the music and the content of the lyrics, so why not make it bombastic

Peter Towsend has a great ability to make literature from music lyrics. Now, I think that "Tommy" is a museum piece of art on every possible sense. Great work.

Fjord Prefect

I've always loved that cover, thanks for the story behind it!

Mike G

Dear Fjord - my pleasure! It's always been a favorite image of mine and one with a great back-story as well. Hope to be able to post some more Who-related interviews soon. Thanks again for your comment - Mike G

John B.

One of the great albums, and album covers, of all time. Always thought the cover captured the mystical enlightenment undercurrents perfectly.

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