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Thanks for the explanations.
I have had a framed/signed/numbered print of the oil (# 75 0f 500 if you are scoring at home) in my studio your years and I had not noticed many of the elements spoken of (especially the naughty bit !) and then some brought to light by the explanation.
Great piece !

The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Podcast.

Mike G

Perry - thanks for the comment, and glad you found this of interest. I'm going to be featuring more of Paul's work in upcoming Cover Stories (VDG Generator's "Pawn Hearts", coming soon). Next week - "The Hollies - Evolution" by Karl Ferris.
Cheers - Mike G

Dan Mutchler

I thought the building was the row of flats with central heating.

Mike G

Dan - good call (and quite literal), although I'm not sure whether Paul had that in mind. Glad you found this interview - I hadn't looked at it for a few years (I did it 6 years ago!).
Thanks for visiting - Mike G, curator,

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