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Custom Logo Design

i like the tongue logo its hot

without doubt the best genre of music, throughout history great exponents have given the best of his talent and will be remembered by all his major themes, for decades in the radio will ring in our players, etc. Thank God for rock music.

I'm a huge believer of the importance of design. I'm not so sure about design + marketing >> engineering. Design should incorporate engineering, not be opposed to it or somehow differentiated from it. It's important to remember that these are processes, not discrete elements

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Mike Goldstein

Tongue bumps? Is that the best way you could think of to spam my story?
Fascinating - I'll let you know if I need any other medical info for any of my other interviews.
Mike G

that's the band logo ever made ! I have tattooed in my right arm, and my girl friend have it in a boob.

Mike G

I've got a Roger Dean/Uriah Heep "Magician's Birthday" tattoo - glad to see that you like album cover art as much as I do!

That Logo is just classic, an Icon of rock no matter where you go if you se that logo you know the Stones are in the house and ready to rock!

The members of the popular band are a little bit old I think is good that someone else is doing that work.


i enjoyed reading your blog. It was very interesting and informative.

Love the logo and the album and the band, they are an inspiration and a great band, that was the first album that I bought from them.

Beautiful thing to share. It is a great art work.<

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