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Although gallery owner Mike Goldstein closed RockPoP Gallery (an online gallery created to showcase the best artistic and photographic talent from all areas of today’s music industry) in late 2012, Mike went on to found a new site for fans of album cover art and photography called The Album Cover Hall of Fame. Now in its tenth year (2022), this site has become a relied-upon reference for all fans of album cover imagery (it's even now listed as a reference by the U.S. Library of Congress!). Please visit this new site at

Mike Goldstein, RockPoP’s founder and now the Curator/Editor of the Album Cover Hall of Fame web site, has had the privilege of working with a number of these artists and photographers on projects related to his previous roles as Vice President of Interactive development and production at FUSE, the NYC-based music video cable TV network and as V.P. of Interactive Production for Fuse’s parent company, Cablevision Systems.

Says Goldstein - “Over the years, I’d slowly built a collection of these works of art, and every visitor to my home or office would marvel at the variety and the artistry (‘Where did you GET all of these – they’re amazing!’). I loved being able to share the history of each piece and talking with them about the artist who produced the work, the musical artist who influenced the work, and even the ‘state of the world’ at the time each one was created.

Eventually, I figured out that there are a lot of people who have the same passion (or is it a sickness?) for this artwork as I have and therefore it just made sense that I’d open a business like this to invite everyone to visit and join as part of the RockPoP Gallery community.”

RockPoP Gallery went on to become the fine art community’s home on the Web when collectors want to see the latest work presented by the best artists in their respective fields; when they want to find out more about collecting these works and preserving their collections; and a place to share related experiences with others, including the artists who create them. Mike continues to serve album cover art fans on his new site, offering visitors a comprehensive collection of album cover art news, interviews, biographies and more.


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